DMF Free Silica Gel

DIMETHYL FUMARATE explanation against Granular Silica Gel & Crystal Silica Gel

Our SILICA GEL 100% free from Dimethyl Fumarate due to bellow reasons.

*        Silica Gel is made with the help of Silica only. Chemical Formula of ISilica Gel is SiO2 + H2O and there is no Dimethyl Fumarate in it. Dimethyl Fumarate chemical system is C6H8O4. Chemical formula of Silica Gel reveals non existence of Dimethyl Fumarate in it.

*        Melting Factor of Dimethyl Fumarate is 102-105 C while Silica Gel is already dry at 150 C moderate in the clothing dryer during the production. This also shows that if by opportunity Dimethyl Fumarate is there in Silica Gel it will be melt during the procedure it self.

*        Dimethyl Fumarate has not described any where in IS-3401-1992 (III) prerequisites of Silica Gel. Other factors of Silica Gel examining have proven in IS prerequisites where Dimethyl Fumarate is not described any where in IS requirements of Silica Gel. As per IS requirements it display all the substances examining technique which are there in the product.

*        In the Manufacturing Process of Silica Gel application of Dimethyl Fumarate is not mentioned any where.

*        Dimethyl Fumarate is one kind of acidity which is used in Round Silica Gel or Silica Gel Beads or Spherical Silica Gel production procedure. Dimethyl Fumarate is not used at all inCrystal Type Silica Gel or Granular Type Silica Gel or in Regular Silica Gel. So Crystal Type Silica Gel or Granular Type Silica Gel which is produced by us is 100 % totally exempt from Dimethyl Fumarate. Until these days it's been never discovered that in Crystal Type Silica Gel or Granular Type Silica Gel there is any material of Dimethyl Fumarate.

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