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Silica Gel Blue for Moisture Drying Process

Silica gel beads or crystals are composed of 97% silicon dixoide and 3% alumina with widely distributed porous channels to allow maximum internal surgace area for water molecule absorption. Silica gel helps in reaching dew points of -40 °F and lower than this in air or gas drying applications thereby lowering humidity to around 40% until it is saturated.

Silica gel blue is a selective adsorbent containing cobalt chloride which is responsible for color changes in gel beads from blue to pink when it free from moisture and it is eventually moisture intake indicating gel the need ti replenish the gel. Its adsorption capacity varies from 34-38 at the rate of 100% humidity depending on the crystal particle size which comes in the form of 1-3 mesh, 3-4 mesh, 3-8 mesh or 5-8 mesh and beads size ranging from 2-5mm, 3-5mm and 5-8mm.

Use of Silica Gel for Dehumidification Process

White Beads & Crystals
Silica gel white, beaded or granular is a great desiccant that does come in several mesh sizes for use in dissimilar industrial applications. Silica gel is a desiccant which doesn’t really corrode other substances and has no taste or smell. Another great thing about this desiccant is that it is non-toxic and chemically non-reactive in nature. These silica gel desiccants can easily help in dehumidification process which is quite widely used in different industries. 

However, before you start using these desiccants you should try and get more information on silica gel white for dehumidification process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  read more...

Silica Gel White

Silica Gel White (Non Indicating Type Silica Gel)

 White Silica Gel
White Silica Gel
In this kind all the Moisture Absorbing products, Silica Gel White is non indicating type and cobalt free Silica Gel. When free from moisture the toxins are clear white-colored. As they are put to use, the toxins take up moisture, silica gel progressively turns little milk or obscure in whiteness, these silica gel always has greater capacity for moisture absorber usage than any indicator type Silica Gel.

White Silica Gel Crystals/Beads manufacturers - Sorbead India (Mfg. Silica Gel) Exporters, Suppliers of Silica Gel Breather in India. So that, Silica Gel can be regenerated in dryers or within dehumidifiers. Non-Indicating Type White Silica Gel appearance, as Crystals/Granular in semi-transparent glassy.                                                                                                                 

Silica Gel Blue

Silica Gel Blue (Indicating Type Silica Gel)

Silica Gel Blue
Blue Silica Gel
Blue Silica Gel is semi-transparent glassy material containing an indication as “cobalt”. When totally free from moisture the Silica Gel Crystals or Silica Gel Beads are dark blue in color. As the Granulars/Spheres requires up moisture, Silica Gel Moisture changes to mild blue progressively & When they convert Silica Gel Pink, it indicates that the gel need to be changed or regenerated. Actually, Indicating Silica Gel is mainly used as signal for the level of silica gel dehumidifier.

Our Blue Silica Gel Crystals is highly efficient and thus is required by the customers. We produce these Blue Silica Gel MSDS by the coagulation of colloidal solution of silica acid. Silica Gel Blue Crystals have minute pores that are hard to find elsewhere.

Silica Gel Orange

Silica Gel Orange (Indicating Type Silica Gel)

Silica Gel Orange
Orange Silica Gel
In this kind all the contaminants of "Silica Gel are heavy-laden with Organic Silica Gel indicator", which is prices as absolutely secure. When totally free from moisture the contaminants are dark orange. As they are put to use, the contaminants take up moisture, Silica Gel progressively changes Orange to yellow silica gel & then to green and gives a prepared sign that it has done or its soaked. Its work and needs replacement or silica gel regenerationSilica gel Orange Beads are DMF Free and Combat Free. Moreover totally exempt from international toxins such as Chlorides, Sulphates and other natural matter and has high moisture absorption efficiency.

Silica Gel Crystals/ Silica Gel Granules

Silica Gel is an amorphous way of silicon dioxide, which is artificially produced by means of  Silica Gel Crystals (having the appearance of silica gel granules) or hard regular beads. only White Silica Gel  & Blue Silica Gel available in Crystals & Granules.

Sorbead India is India's one supplier of Silica Gel Crystals for Breather Transformer industrial Process and other use to absorb moisture.

These Moisture Absorber Non-Toxic Silica Gel Crystals are DMF Free.

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