Silica Gel Bags/ Silica Gel Packets

Silica Gel Small Beads are pack in Silica Gel Packets which is made with the help of Non-Woven Cloth or Paper, Pillow Pack,  Sorbi Pack, Polyester Cloth Stitches Bag, Composite Paper & Cotton Cloth materials.

Silica Gel Bags are also well-known as Silica Gel Sachet, Silica Gel Pouch, Silica Gel Packets, Silica Gel Pack, Desiccant Pouch, Desiccant Bag, Desiccant Sachets, Desiccant Packets, Desiccant Pack.

Sorbead India is leading supplier of Desiccant Packets and Bags which all are USFDA Approved. The Moisture Protect and USFDA Approve Desiccant Silica Bags are made of "Tyvek" material.

Packaging Material:    
  • Non-Woven Cloth or Paper                                   
  • Tyvek Bags and Packets
  •  Polyester Cloth Stitches Bag
  • Composite Paper Bag
  • Cotton Cloth Bag

Desiccant Bags:  
         Pillow Pak, Unit Pak, Cargo Dry Pak

Silica Gel Packets

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