Silica Gel Blue

Silica Gel Blue (Indicating Type Silica Gel)

Silica Gel Blue
Blue Silica Gel
Blue Silica Gel is semi-transparent glassy material containing an indication as “cobalt”. When totally free from moisture the Silica Gel Crystals or Silica Gel Beads are dark blue in color. As the Granulars/Spheres requires up moisture, Silica Gel Moisture changes to mild blue progressively & When they convert Silica Gel Pink, it indicates that the gel need to be changed or regenerated. Actually, Indicating Silica Gel is mainly used as signal for the level of silica gel dehumidifier.

Our Blue Silica Gel Crystals is highly efficient and thus is required by the customers. We produce these Blue Silica Gel MSDS by the coagulation of colloidal solution of silica acid. Silica Gel Blue Crystals have minute pores that are hard to find elsewhere.

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