Silica Gel Blue for Moisture Drying Process

Silica gel beads or crystals are composed of 97% silicon dixoide and 3% alumina with widely distributed porous channels to allow maximum internal surgace area for water molecule absorption. Silica gel helps in reaching dew points of -40 °F and lower than this in air or gas drying applications thereby lowering humidity to around 40% until it is saturated.

Silica gel blue is a selective adsorbent containing cobalt chloride which is responsible for color changes in gel beads from blue to pink when it free from moisture and it is eventually moisture intake indicating gel the need ti replenish the gel. Its adsorption capacity varies from 34-38 at the rate of 100% humidity depending on the crystal particle size which comes in the form of 1-3 mesh, 3-4 mesh, 3-8 mesh or 5-8 mesh and beads size ranging from 2-5mm, 3-5mm and 5-8mm.

Blue silica gel has many advantageous properties serving under the industrial set up for air or gas drying, pharmaceuticals, food, leather, textile etc. it has been proved to be beneficial in all regards weather its sir conditioning, breather transformer process, moisture adsorption from sealed containers, dehydrated food storage, drugs packaging or industrial gas purification process. A uniform bead shape help in obtaining a lower pressure from and reduced absorption than granular types of silica gel.

Silica gel is non-toxic, DMF free, odorless and tasteless gel. Nature of silica gel along with highest moisture retention ability and lowest regeneration temperatures under dynamic states makes it effective agent for moisture drying process. It destroys the hazardous toxic effects of aromatic compounds. Consistent size and shape transformations add to the dry conditions and moisture solution in industrial packaging applications.

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