Silica Gel Column Chromatography

All chromatography techniques -with the exemption of Flash Chromatography use content for the separating procedure. Pillar chromatography has discovered its position in many labs for advance requirements as well as for response management in natural syntheses. Silica Gel Powder use for Column Chromatography. Pharmaceutical Industries and Research & Development Industries are use Silica Power use for Chromatography Column.

Sorbead India is one of the best supplier of Silica Gel Powder for Flash, Column, Thin-Layer, Gravity and Liquid Chromatography.

The value of column for chromatography is mainly due to following factors:
  •  Easy packaging procedure 
  •  Low managing stress 
  •  Low cost for instrumentation 

    Column Chromatography
    Column Chromatography
Column Chromatography is divided into two groups, based on how the solvent moves down the column. If the solvent is permitted to circulation down the column by gravity , or percolation, it is known as gravity column chromatography. If the solution is pressured down the column by good air stress, it is known as display chromatography, a "state of the art" technique currently used in organic chemical make up analysis labs. 

Features and Benefits:

  •   High resolution 
  •   Batch to Batch reproducible results 
  •   Excellent flow rates 
  •   Direct scalability

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